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Teaching the "come" command

Getting your dog to come when called can be a frustrating and madding experience. It is also important that he /she always comes when called this could save your dogs life. At some point in your dogs lifetime he/she is going to get off the leash and out of your control when this happens they will not see the car or truck coming down the street they will be too focused on whatever it is they are chasing. Your dog needs to know that come means come now, and they should run to you as if their life depended on it, because it may.

You teach your dog this command you first want to stand in front of your dog after he has learned the stay command, ask him to come and pull the leash toward you. Your dog will come and when he does make him sit in front of you. Always give him a verbal and a visual cue. Then call his name; "spot come and at the same time give him a hand gesture with your palm pointed out away from you and make a pulling monition towards your body at the same time you call him, this way he can see you are calling him to come close to you. Some dogs look away as if they didn't hear you. Here is a news flash Happy they hear you alright they just didn't want to come. They must come all the time every time. Once he has come and is sitting in front of you give him lavish praise and pet him. Repeat this process several times. Then get a longer lead or a rope and repeats the process until he will do it every time. When he does it reliably every time its time to move to off leash. If he does not come go get him pull him to you and then praise him. DO NOT PUNISH YOUR DOG FOR NOT COMING, doing this will only make him/her not want to come to you again. Never ever punish a dog for not coming. You can also get his favorite toy or food and give it to him every time he comes. Very few dogs will come every time for praise alone so find out what his hot bottom is!! Is it food, toy, or ball. As soon as he comes and sits in front of you give him his reward. This is not his toy that lays around the house for him to play with. This is your toy and you only give it when he comes. Also walk backwards when calling him and be very animated and you will see his speed improve. Soon your dog will be coming every time when he is doing that then move to off leash and distractions.

Good Luck and Happy Training,