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How to get your dog not to lay on the furniture while you are out

A dog left to his own devices will always choose something soft to lay on like your furniture, your favorite chair and they really like couches.

If your dogs do not respect you when your gone Katy bar the door the natives will be taking over the asylum.

So what to do first?

Do not invite your puppy up on the couch or chair with you, it might be cute at first but when you are cleaning hair and flees off you furniture it can become tedious. If you catch on the couch tell him no, take him over to his dog bed and tell him to lay down and stay, again ignore him for five minutes unless he leaves the area where you put him. Put a dog bed or pad and in the area where the furniture is and teach him that this is ok to lay on and the furniture is not. Again be consistent some dogs learn quicker than others but they all can get it. Try not to leave food on the countertops and tables. These are temptations that a dog in training cannot resist. Anticipate potential jumping situations, and tell your dog to sit or redirect her attention to something else.

Now when your gone this is a different matter which I will discuss in a moment. do not invite your dog to sit with you one day and off the couch the next it will only confuse him and cause other problems. The next problem is chewing. As you know all puppies chew stuff and even grown up dogs like to chew so make sure you have a few chew toys around that should prevent the chewing of furniture. If your gone and he chews something it is too late, if you punish him he won't know why and you'll only confuse your dog. If you have a dog that has developed an acquired taste for the leg of your armchair or your shoes or leather belts etc we have to move to plan B. "Apple Bitter"
apple Bitter spray is colorless and odorless to humans but dogs hate the smell and will not bite something that you spray it on. A couple of squirts here and there and that should do the trick!

The happy chase biter

Most puppies are pushy and nip the litter mates and chase them around This behavior is NOT aggression just rough play. When this happens the other pups will yelp and move away from the nipper or the mother will correct the puppy with a bite of her own. This lets the offending dog know that his behavior is not acceptable. With this method they learn rather quickly how hard is too hard. 


Another very good method to get the point through to your dog is when your pup nips at you let out a howl or yelp and tell him no. This can also can  be combined with making him go to his area and stay there for five minutes. Another good method I use is to tell the pup, "no biting" and if he grabs my hand again I take my index finger and tell him "don't touch as I gently tap his nose, I use very little force and it redirects them into, gee I guess I shouldn't do that. You can also use two fingers and poke him lightly in the neck this simulates what a mother dog does to correct her young. Be consistent these are tried and tested methods that work for all types of dogs.