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Bonding with your new adult dog

1. Remember your new dog does not know your family. He will bond with you and your family in approximately 30 days. During this bonding there are going to be some things you do and don't do!!

2. DO NOT -- leave your dog unattended with your children until the bond is complete. Tell your children not to rush up to the dog but to let the dog come to them. Entice the dog to come to them with all kinds of food treats. If the dog does not want to approach them, don't worry the dog will in a few days. Do not force people on the dog. He will become comfortable with your family in a few days.

3. The dog should be fed twice a day. Have your family take turns feeding the dog. Have them take the food bowl to the dog, put it down and then leave the dog alone while he/she eats. DO NOT bother the dog while he/she eats. Always feed the dog in the same place, preferably his kennel, crate, garaged etc.

4. If you are going to leave the dog alone in the house, let him go to his crate as he wishes until the bonding is complete and the dog is comfortable in his surroundings. The dog should sleep in his crate at night. The crate can be put wherever you want but preferably with you or a member of the family that will be responsible for most of the dog duties.

5. DO NOT reach into the crate and try to grab your dog. Remember you have NO bond yet. Bring the dog out to you with food or a toy. You must show the dog that you are his /her friend and that he can trust you. Everything must be positive, etc.

6. When playing fetch, use the toy method (that I can show you) until you have a good bond with your dog. Playing with the dog is a good way to make the dog feel comfortable with you. Have the children play fetch with the dog also. DO NOT attempt to grab they toy out of the dog's mouth. First ask the dog to drop the toy, if he/she does not drop the toy, give him the command to drop it at the same time showing them another toy. When the dog drops the first toy, throw the other toy for the dog. This method will also strengthen your recall. The best toys are Kong’s, but make sure to get the appropriate one for your dog. For example if you have a German Shepherd don’t get him a soft Kong, you can check the manufacture’s website to be sure what size and color is good for your dog

7. If your children bring their friends to the house, be sure to put the dog away. Remember, your children's friends have Not been taught how to act around the dog. Tell your friends not to force themselves on the dog. If a dog wants to be petted he will approach them.

8. Playing, feeding and spending time with your dog is the best way to seal the bond. Do Not Try and force your dog to do anything like obedience, etc. not until you have bonded. Instead, have the dog do what you want by using a food reward and praise. This positive reinforcement method will work the best for you if you are consistent. You will see the dog react to this method in a very short period of time.

9. If you have other animals, your new dog will have to be socialized with them and taught how to behave around them. This is where we can definitely help as we are experienced in socializing dog in family environment.

10. Remember your dog is already trained. An untrained dog has been trained the wrong way. You are always training your dog everyday he watches you and learns from you. Never bad dogs just uniformed owners. Now you and your family must learn to handle the dog properly by attending the prescribed training methods.

Quick points to remember

It takes 30 days to bond with your dog.

1. Do not let your dog sleep out of his crate for the first two weeks.
After two weeks he can sleep out of the crate at night.

2. Do not let you dog loose in the house unattended for two weeks. If you are going to leave crate him.
Leave him unattended for only short periods of time.

3. Be sure to take him out frequently to relive himself, he may be housebroken but he will be in a new area and may be excited and forget, so you will have to reinforce the training.

4. After the first 2 weeks you will start some obedience work.

5. DO NOT let your dog do anything you don't want him to do later on in life. Remember you are the boss. Your dog does not sleep on the bed or get on the furniture EVER!!!!! This can cause training and behavioral problems in the future. If you want to sit or lay next to your dog you go to him.

6. During the bonding period it is OK to use a few food rewards to get the dog to come to you. Also make sure you praise him ALOT!

One last word -- Many times owners are shocked when their dogs try to bite them during corrections. If this happens you must remember that you are NOT making your dog aggressive through firm corrections. You are simply exposing the level of dominance that was already present in the dog, but had not surfaced yet because the dog had never felt a true challenge to its perceived authority prior to the corrections.

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