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How to get your dog to stop jumping up on you and your guests

This is a common problem and a lot of people let it go until the dog is full grown and then the problem gets more serious. You can't have people coming over to your house and your dog jumping up on them. A dog can scratch skin, tear clothes and even injure someone if this is not controlled.

People see the jumping up and they laugh oh how cute he is so happy!!! Not really, he is stressed and not in a calm state. He is NOT HAPPY!!!. YOU can cure this in a few different ways:

1. Go outside return and as soon as your dog starts jumping up on you.

2. Turn your back on him or spin in a circle and ignore him for at least five minutes no eye contact no talking, and no petting, once he calms down then praise him.

If he does it again repeat the process.

With most dogs it only takes a few times and they get the picture. With some dogs it takes a little longer, but have patience and be consistent.

Don't praise when he is jumping up on you. And don't pet him while he's wild a then tell everyone "Oh he is just a little high Strung." This will only reinforce the bad behavior.

Also if your dog has been taught to sit, tell him to sit, and make him stay there until he calms down. NO PRAISE OR PETTING UNTIL HE IS IN A CALM SUBMISSIVE STATE.

If the problem persists seek the help of a professional dog trainer, like meHappy