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David and his Pal Shaver

David and Diva playing

David and Diva, David raised and trained this tiger Diva since she was a cub.

David and Lumox a three year old alpha male buffalo wolf.

Remis, a three month old buffalo wolf.

Art: Orangutan he helped train.

David feeding deer, his mom said that everyone was taking pictures because no-one could get close to the wild deer except David.

David is a bit older than in the one above but still he is feeding a real dear. Wild Deer were just not afraid of David.

David Gently holding his new puppy.

David holding his new kitten.

Our Las Vegas Dog Training

Expert & Founder David

David-apol under tree

David is the founder of Blue Ribbon K9 of Las Vegas. As a master dog trainer in Las Vegas, David has spent the over 25 years training dogs and various wild animals. David is our Certified Professional Animal Behaviorist. David has studied dog training and behavior with experts in this field for over thirty years. His amazing dog training experience has enabled David to provide you with tested, proven and humane dog training methods.

Here is David and Apol on Stage at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Nevada, David wrote a special song just for Apol called “To All The Dogs I’ve Loved Before”.

Dog Training (by David)

My training method goes back to my love of animals since I was a little boy. Early on I learned that dogs are pack animals and you must become your dogs pack leader to get the most out of your relationship with them.

I learned very quickly how to become the pack leader while working at a wild animal foundation. I observed the wolves, 150 of them to be exact. I was responsible for their care and feeding.

An old trainer friend of mine once told me “if you don’t train your dog... he will train you”.

Dogs need to know their place in the pack/family just as the wolves do. Unlike most of us, dogs like to work, so you must provide for them a job, not a 40 hour-a-week job but something exciting that they look forward to every day and it needs to include you, their best friend.

Here at Blue Ribbon Canine Academy we take these basic principals along with positive reinforcement and help you create a happy well rounded member of your family.

Our classes are for the everyday owner who is interested in a better understanding and communication with his dog.

Dogs have their own language just as humans do, once we learn this language training your dog is easy.

Dog training is most effective when both you and your dog are having fun... that is what we specialize in, putting the fun in dog training!

We take a positive approach to dog training, this is how the chore of dog training becomes the fun that you and your dog look forward to. It will help you to build a relaxed peaceful relationship with your dog.

Training your dog will quickly become intuitive. Dog training is not difficult, you just have to stay consistent — take the time to learn exactly what works and what doesn’t and you’ll be surprised how fast it can happen.

Who is David?

David Michelangelo is our top dog trainer in Las Vegas, he is an international recording artist and a retired heavyweight kickboxing champion here is his website: You can also hear his songs on iTunes. He is enjoying spending his days now, training humans and dogs to get along. Click here to go to Apol’s page to see David, Daniel and Apol on Animal Planet (the video is at the top).

David has a special connection with animals and seems to have the rare gift of being able to read the mind of the animals, enjoy these images of David and his different animal friends. Photo to the right is David with the Wolves at the animal sanctuary

David is also a dog handler and helps many of his clients win championships.
Northern California Sieger Championships
1st place award
Jake the wonder dog
Owned by: Charlie & Geri
Handler: David Rivisto (Blue Ribbon K9 Dog Training Center Las Vegas Nevada)

Here below is David demonstrating off-leash dog obedience training, these are all things that David can teach you in our advanced obedience dog training classes.

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