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Secrets to Success

Free dog training tips

  • Bonding - Be your dogs friend by spending quality time with him petting him, walking him, and playing with him every day.
  • Consistency - Use the same commands and tone of voice each time, and make sure the entire family uses that same commands.
  • Timing - In order for your dog to understand what you are tying to teach him you must praise or correct him within seconds of his actions.
  • Be realistic - It take time for him to patient, he will get it if you don't give up.
  • Praise - Praise him like he saved your life whenever your dog does something right.
  • Look at him - Use eye contact as much as you can. It is common knowledge that, dogs that don't look at you easily, are more difficult to train.
  • Use wolf language - Use the loud Ughugh, like a bark or growling sound to correct your dog when he is disobedient, then redirect him with another command.
  • Be the “Pack Leader” a phrase coined by Caesar Milan "The Dog Whisperer" and an excellent way of relating with your dog.
  • Repetition - Dogs learn by repetition. It will take time to for him to get a hang of what you want him to do.

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