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Here are some great dog training tips.

Great tips:
As the weather starts heating up please keep in mind some key tips to keep your dog safe and healthy.

1. Use Ice... place a gallon jug of water in the freezer, after it is frozen solid cut the plastic bottle away and put the huge block of ice in their water, just make sure their water bowl is big enough to accommodate.

2. Use Fans... if you are going to the Veterinarian or the groomer remember it may not be cool enough in the car for your dog, even if it feels cool to you, your dog has a fur coat on and he gets hotter faster than you, so use a portable fan and keep the window cracked if they are in the car even for a short period of time, and please never leave them in the car they will quickly overheat and could even die in a matter of minutes.

3. Use a crate with a wet towel or wet blanket that will help them stay cooler on there way to the groomer or Veterinarian.

4. Please let them stay indoors in the summer, its just way to hot out there for them.

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Dog training Las Vegas
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