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Dog Training Las Vegas

Why you should choose Blue Ribbon K9 Las Vegas Dog Training Center- Safe methods that we use.

“Las Vegas Dog Training Experts Will Show You How To Get Your Dog To Listen To You Every Time”

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Dear Las Vegas Dog Owner:

If you do an online search for: “dog training las vegas” and “dog training las vegas nv” – you are probably realizing there are many choices for dog trainers in Las Vegas, but how do you find the one who is right for you and your dog? You could start sifting through all the Las Vegas dog trainers web sites on the internet to find the perfect dog trainer, but how do you know they are right for you just based on a website? And you’ve probably noticed that many of them don’t even tell you the kinds of methods they use until they get to your house only to find out they use electric collars on every dog they train. The problem with this method is that no matter how light the stimulation you use you are damaging your dogs nervous system, to learn more about this irreversible damage please read this free download called: The Shocking Truth, it is written by the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors. In your search for the right dog training center it is a good start to learn the different methods of dog training, and the safety of each method. They should at least tell you this much upfront - after all - thats why you are looking for a professional... right. Before you choose a “Las Vegas Dog Training Center” you need to know the truth about the different methods employed and then make an informed decision about which dog training facility is best for you and your dog. If you call them on the phone or email them and they will not tell you upfront what methods they use, let this be a sign that they may not be the right dog trainer for you or your dog. You deserve honesty and that is what we give you and Blue Ribbon K9 Las Vegas Dog Training Center

Why you should choose Blue Ribbon K9 Dog Training Center in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada

Because we have been in business since 1991 we have a large word of mouth clientele. Most of our dog training clients in Las Vegas come from previous clients who have been so impressed that they recommended us to their friends. We get dramatic results without the use of electric shock collars that can forever damage your dog. People ask us why we choose to not use electric shock collars and we tell them what an electrician friend told us, that no-one should use them because dogs like humans develop saturation of electricity in the body, which means that when you first used the e-collar at a 3 or 4 and it was safe 6 months ago it may not be safe now at the same level depending on your dogs level of saturation, and you could and most likely will damage your dogs nervous system forever. The only time we feel they are warranted is when the life of the dog is at stake: like car chasing or extreme aggression in order to save the dogs life. Of course this is a wise use of electric collars.

Why Our Method Is The Best

Our methods have been used with success since 1991 when Blue Ribbon K9 Dog Training Center was formed in California by a Police Officer/Air Force Military Police Reservist.

We are the Las Vegas dog trainers who will teach you:

Housebreaking– Learn how to teach your dog to go on command in the place where you want your dog to go.
Dog Obedience Training– Get your dog to listen to you, where-ever you go. Even if your dog is distracted by his favorite toy, another dog or even a cat. Learn more about Dog Obedience Training.
Puppy Training– Discover puppy training secrets of how to get your new puppy to learn quickly and safely. We offer classes or one-on-one. Learn more about Puppy Training.
Behavior Modification– We correct dog aggression, jumping, pulling on the leash and many other dog behavior problems.
See our page on our courses offered.

Why Choose “Blue Ribbon K9 Las Vegas Dog Training Center”?

As certified dog trainers in Las Vegas we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

You’ll See Results Within The First Lesson

As a master dog trainer in Las Vegas, David has spent the over 25 years training dogs and various wild animals. See David’s page here.

Our techniques are based on years of training working dogs for everything including: search and rescue, police dog training, protection dog training and even guide dog and therapy dogs for the handicapped.

For training, our Las Vegas dog trainer will demonstrate how to correct your dog’s problem behaviors. – Even if you have seen other dog trainers in Las Vegas and they were unsuccessful in correcting your dogs behavior problems we can show you what went wrong and how to fix it.

As expert Las Vegas dog trainers, we welcome the difficult dogs– especially aggression, fears and phobias, what expert dog trainer Caesar Milan calls: red zone dog. We can train any dog breed. With a positive approach from us and a commitment from you to your dog - we can transform your dog into the great dog you always knew he could be.

Your dog’s behavior can vastly improve with the help of the right dog trainer. Las Vegas-based Blue Ribbon K9 Las Vegas Dog Training Center can help your dog to be happy, balanced and obedient.

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Blue Ribbon K9, Las Vegas Dog Training Center. We at Blue Ribbon K9 Las Vegas Dog Training offers both in-home - private obedience lessons, and classroom style dog obedience and puppy classes in Las Vegas and cities in California, and Nevada.
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