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Raw dog food recipe

Best Raw Dog Food Recipe

20 lb. of ground meat, or hearts, liver, bone and muscle blend

15 lb. of ground turkey

2 head of green romaine lettuce

4 lb. of lightly steamed organic carrots

8 ounces of coconut oil

4 lb. cooked sweet potatoes

1 head of organic steamed kale

1 pack of organic steamed spinach

1 bag organic frozen broccoli

1 bunch of organic oregano

Add water as needed to make the food a nice stew consistency.

Add rice germ and or brewers yeast when putting it in the bowl

Quality Green supplement preferably made for humans put in bowl at feeding time

Enzyme preferably a human based enzyme one capsule is usually enough open capsule ad put in bowl at feeding time

Steam all veggies then place in food processor or blender with water then set to the side.

In a big bowl mix all the meat and mix in the veggies.

Place 16 ounce portions into glass jars or plastic bags and freeze.

My dogs eat about 1.5 to 2 per cups day.

It takes about a day and a half to defrost so plan accordingly.

If you wish to give your dogs cooked food just adjust the recipe by cooking the meat in a pressure cooker or the oven.

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