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In the beginning

In the beginning God created heaven and earth, then man, a bit later... “The Dog, the world’s first opportunist, in some ways knowing more about man that man knew about himself, sensed and endorsed this delightful state and was as clever in his performances as to give man little time to review the theory.

Through generations the dog has worked his wiles, sincere in his faith and devotion but seeing no harm in throwing man an occasional curve ball and in withholding respect from those loved ones whom he so easily bested in every battle of wits. So effective has been this strategy that in this day of political correctness many books have been written and applauded to those who believe they can train a dog while they hold him accountable only for those actions they approve and write off the transgressions with “he didn’t understand, he really wants to please”. Many magazine articles have been written by a multitude of dog phycologists who would rob a dog of the birthright he has in common with all God’s creatures; the right of the consequences of his own actions.

Always when a dog’s actions are favorable he should receive a reward. And likewise, correcting a dog when he knows what he should do but refuses to do it. I prefer verbal praise to food rewards for many reasons, one I always have it with me and two it never spoils.

An example is the dog who has a liking for the leg of a mailman or the neighbors cat will indulge his tastes, oblivious to the little tidbits in your hand that shower down on him like manna from heaven. If not corrected he’ll probably end up as another incorrigible offender... another victim the: here boy, have a cookie or shame, shame, shamer’s!