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Dog Training Commands In German

German Commands

Heel --- Fuss (Fooss)
Sit--- Setz
Down--- Platz
Stay--- Steh (Shtay)
Come--- Hier (Heeer)
Stand--- Blibe
Retrive/Fetch--- Bring (Brrring)
Jump--- Hop
Go Out--- Voraus
Track--- Such(Suuk)
Guard--- Pass Auff
Attack--- Packen
Let Go--- Aus (Ows) Lass Es
Speak--- Gib Launt (Geblout)
Narcotics--- Rauschgift
Find Narcotics--- Such Rauschgift
Building Search--- Voran or Revier
Kennel--- Zwinger
Go Outside--- Helyedre
Go Ahead--- Geh Voran
Get In--- Geh Rhein
What Going On--- Was ist log?
Good Boy--- Bravo - So Brav
Bad Boy--- Pfui (Fooey)
Don't Do That--- Las Das Sine
Attention--- Achtung
Eat Food--- Nim Foota
Helper Stand--- Blieben sie Rhig Stehen
Relax--- Schon Gut
Article Search--- Verlore
Get Back--- Zurucker Halten

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