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Should I let my dog sleep on my bed?

I have had many clients ask me if their dog can sleep on the bed with them or lay on the bed while they are at work. This is not a good habit. Because it is an issue of dominance and establishing pack leadership. When you allow your dog on the bed it tends to make the dog think that he is above you in the pack order, and if he is above you why should he mind you. Your dog is no dummy, he is well aware of a hierarchy in the family pack. The moment we bring a dog on the bed we are granting him a new place in the pack order. By allowing them to sleep with us we are dissolving the rank order and setting up a dangerous situation. When you put your dog in a leadership position your dog has a harder time dealing with strangers, your absence, other animals and even members of your household. Plus why should he mind you when you just told him in “Dog Language” that he is the pack leader.

Another point when your dog sleeps on the bed with you he brings little treasures that he has acquired during the day onto your bed. This is another critical issue. There are all sorts of diseases and parasites that you can catch from sleeping with your dog. Their system is designed to better handle these different bacterias and parasites and yours is not.

But I understand that some people just have to sleep with their dog. So there are some things you can do to help keep the pack structure in perspective. Never let him on the bed unless you invite him and when you want him to get off tell him to get down.

This should help and this should also be applied to your furniture.

Happy Training,
David Happy